building the nests

Esdras in Cité Fequière

Project Development

At Timoun Kontan we believe in grassroots development. This means that we want to offer programs that we know the communities want. Our Haitian staff is integral in this process as they are members of the community. They aid us in building relationships with the less fortunate members of society. The Haitian staff also leads the research for Timoun Kontan by conducting surveys which we use to create programs with the goal of sustainable development.

Cité Soleil Survey Results

The statistics below are the results of the surveys that were implemented in Troutier and Cité Fequière in Cité Soleil, Haiti.

Families Surveyed
100 %
Kids in Schools
100 %
Make more than $80.00 a month

Scholarship Program

Timoun Kontan believes that all children have a right to education. In Haiti primary and secondary education is not free. We offer a scholarship program to children whose families cannot afford school. Our scholarship program provides tuition, food, uniforms, and school supplies. Timoun Kontan currently provides scholarships to 9 children and we hope to have 15 by August 2019. 

Charma and Ti Lepe
Showdy teaching yoga in Citè Soleil
Land we are fundraising to purchase

Community center

Timoun Kontan is fundraising to build a community center. It will include a library, onsite nurse and exam rooms, kitchen, and play area. We will also host educational seminars at the community center. These seminars will be about job training, health education, and family planning. Additionally, after discovering the corruption within the orphanage system, we knew that we would have to find a way to help children, who do not have families, without going through a local orphanage. To overcome this dilemma, we decided to expand our community center by adding an additional floor that will serve as a children’s home. This home will be open only to children who don’t have families of their own. We don’t believe that anyone should have to give up their child in hopes of them having a better life. We have three children in our scholarship program without families who would stay in the home. Currently they are staying with community members until it is built. 


With your generous support, more children will have the opportunity to receive an education

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"Little by little the bird builds its nest" - Haitian Proverb