Meet the birds

About the birds..

At this time three kids are on scholarship to attend school in their local neighborhood. 

Fleurelice Shama

Fleurelice Shama, also goes by Charma. She is 6 years old and is currently in the 1st grade. Playing tag is one of her favorite games to play!

Nelson Lawrence

Lawrence is 10 years old and is currently in the 4th grade. He really likes running and playing soccer. One of his favorite meals is rice and beans with vegetables!

Steeve St Pluce

Steeve’s nickname is Ti Lepe, which means “little old man” in Haitian Creole. His true age is unknown but he is around 7 years old. Ti Lepe is in one of his first years in school. He loves dancing! Check out the video below. 


With your generous support, more children will have the opportunity to receive an education

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"Little by little the bird builds its nest" - Haitian Proverb